Saturday, February 13, 2010


I know I definitely don't tell him enough, but I truly am blessed to have Victor as my husband.  Even though he drives me crazy and can be a little butt time and time again, he always proves he loves me and takes such good care of me.  We have been together for a little over 5 years and married for the last 3, and he never fails to surprise me.  Tonight he brought me home some pink roses, a sweet little card, and some Reese's because they are my favorite candy.  He is so sweet and caring!  We both think Valentine's Day is nothing but a Hallmark Holiday, but for him to go out of his way to do something nice like that meant so much to me.

I sometimes feel like I don't appreciate him enough, even though I try really hard to be a good, dedicated wife.  He goes to work, lately 6 days a week, and works insane hours to provide for me and his son, while I sit at home and do as much as I can to welcome him home, which isn't much if you ask me.  He works so hard and I really appreciate his effort.  He is truly one of the sweetest and most genuine people I know, and for that I am truly blessed and thankful.

I also feel like I am blessed to have both sides of his family as my own now.  I may not always agree with things people do, but that is part of life.  I have recently decided that I have a much too negative attitude and need to learn to accept people for their differences and appreciate them in my life.  He has a great family, for the most part (hey, don't we all?!), and I really enjoy their company.  They have all been nothing but nice to me (excluding one person) and very accepting of me, and I'm really thankful for that.

I guess I am getting a little "thoughtful" since I will be having my first child in the next few days.  I want to raise my son with a sweet disposition and to always be respectful and caring towards others.  I want him to be grateful for what he has and cherish his family for what they are, not despise them for what they could be.  In order to foster these thoughts and actions, I need to change my ways of thinking and my actions.  I've been trying very hard to do these things lately, I just hope I can be the ideal Mom for my precious baby boy.

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