Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's Bothering Me

Also known as projects around the house that NEED to get done sometime this century.  Ideally yesterday, but these things cost money and that's something we don't tend to have a whole lot of around here these days.  One more reason to never buy a fixer upper of a house that turns out to be way more of a fixer upper than you were lead to believe.

House Project List (and I'm sure I'll leave out 9 million things on accident)
  • I still need blinds for 12 windows in this house.  3 of them are very large and very oddly shaped, so who knows how that is going to go.
  • Install house numbers because the idiot head who previously owned the house ripped them down.
  • Our driveway needs repair...it floods badly.  I think I am going to fix this by using gravel since it will be cheaper than having it completely redone.
  • There are strange patio bricks laid in all sorts of wrong ways that look horrible on the remaining part of the driveway in the back that doesn't flood...they need to be removed.
  • Our driveway is VERY tiny and needs to be widened.
  • We need grass in the front yard.  We removed all of the ground cover so we are working on grass, its slowly coming around.
  • There is a pile of mulch from last March when we had a huge dead tree uprooted, it needs to be spread over the entire front yard to help in the grass growing department.
  • We need our dishwasher installed as we've been using our portable one from the old house and that will soon end due to the whole renting the house out thing.  This one is probably most important right now.
  • Because this house was built in the 60s and never updated, the gas cooktop we took out did not require electricty to get it going (gas wouldn't even do that HA!), so we have a cord running to the plug and it is horribly ghetto.  We need to get that fixed somehow.
  • Our master shower leaks sometimes if you don't angle the shower head just right.
  • We need new flooring throughout this entire house.  The carpet is super cheap and a lot of stains started magically showing up once we moved in.  We've also contributed to the stains, don't get me wrong.
  • We need tons of fencing.  The people who previously owned this house were nothing but stupid, no offense.  They used metal fencing and put it about 3 inches off the property line.  Our backyard/driveway is weird as well, so we need to extend fencing so we can fully use our property.
  • We have 2 stroage buildings, both are full of the previous owners crap that they so kindly did not take with them.  We need to get those cleaned out somehow.
  • Our roof is a disaster.  That is probably going to get fixed soon.  I was lied to and told it was completely replaced and it wasn't, naturally.  We have leaks and I want them gone!
  • Our official backyard has no grass.  We can't let the dogs out there because of all the mud.  I don't really want a lot of grass to take care of, but I'm not sure what else to put back there.
  • There is a fireplace in the livingroom that is completely randomly placed and makes using the room very complicated.  We want it knocked out.
  • The bathtub in the guest bathroom does not have a stopper and it is missing a little cover so you can't take a bath in there.
  • There is no light in our master closet.
  • Idiot head took out the rods in the 2 closets in the nursery and the hall closet.
  • We need oven racks as they saw it necessary to take those as well.  We have been using a Pampered Chef cookie sheet.  The ovens are small so you can't just go buy one that easy.
  • When they were "remodeling," they closed up the dryer vent to the outside...we have fuzz all over our laundry room.  I don't know how to really fix this issue.
  • We need a ceiling fan hung in our bedroom.
  • We need new countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms because when they painted the house, the idiots didn't cover anything...I'm assuming they were going to do more but he's an idiot.
  • We also need a new backsplash in the kitchen for the same reason.
This doesn't even take into account the tons of things we have already done ourselves or hired someone to do.  I think our goal now is to get the house in decent condition so when the market changes we can get out of here!  We change our minds on this a lot, but I think the final straw came when the leak started Thursday night during the rain.  My husband has never been so pissed in his life.  Most of the above needs to be done before we can sell this house period, or at least sell it and expect to make any money out of it.  We got a good deal for the neighborhood, but I don't think we got such a great deal on the house overall.  Oh well, at least we will have something to keep us busy around here at all times :).

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