Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have seen more snow in the past 2 months combined than I had my previous 24 least that I know of.  It has been awesome!  I would post pictures if I weren't so lazy and tired.  I actually just sat down for my evening snack of Cheerios so I can take my blood pressure medicine, but I did take pictures, its just a matter of uploading them I suppose.  Anyways, back to the's basically been blizzard like conditions since 3am!  I woke up at 2:45 to use the restroom and looked outside and there was nothing.  By the time my Mom left for work sometime around 5, she said there had been tons of snow.  We have had well over 7 inches of snow today and that is the most I have ever seen!  The dogs have wanted to do nothing but play in it, but that is kind of hard considering I can't really let them.  It was kind of frustrating though because they would whine and whine to go outside making me think they needed to potty when they just wanted to play.  They barely slept at all today due to their excitement.  I was hoping Victor would get home in time to take them outside to romp around and let me get some good pictures, but no such luck.

I do have to admit though that the snow is a bit frustrating.  I am not used to this weather, therefore I have no clothes for this type of weather.  I have been soaked from head to toe today.  I actually ended up wearing my husbands shoes to take the dogs out because they slip on very easy (he has much bigger feet than I do) and don't have holes in them like my crocs.  And who knew snow was so dang slippery!  I almost bit the dust several times, especially with my dogs practically dragging me out to the front to play.  I did throw some snowballs at them.  Rocky caught one in his mouth and just as quickly spit it out...poor cold puppy teeth.  They were trying to bury their heads in the snow and just being goofy!  But, I'm glad its stopping at midnight.  And to think, I want to live up North?!?!

We took Brianna to the Vet today.  She has been acting strange the last few days, throwing up a lot and being lethargic.  The final straw was when she peed in the office and was laying really close to it.  I knew something was wrong so I made her an appointment thinking the meterologists were wrong about the weather (for once, they weren't!) for today at 5:30.  Since my Mom left work at 2 and made it home a little before 3, I decided to call and make sure they were still going to be open in time for her appointment, and then I went ahead and asked if we could come in early, and lo and behold that's what they wanted!  So we made the journey and ran into some ice and very slushy roads.  The snow was so deep I would sink into it well above my ankles which was very frustrating.  Anyways, we were trying to turn in off the main street and apparently the drive had iced over and there was a bit of a hill so we started going backwards.  I freaked out, but my Mom stayed calm and as soon as all the cars had passed, she backed up and we went in another way.  That was really our only scary moment, but that was scary enough!  Poor Brianna, she has a really bad bladder infection and her allergies are really flaring up right now.  So she got a shot of cortizone with antibiotics, and then 10 days worth of antibiotics.  Apparently her bladder infection was so bad it was causing her to throw up.  I feel horrible, the symptoms literally just started showing up this week and it was already that bad.  Her white blood cell count was at 46,000 and normal is anything below 19,000, but the doctor said that was mainly due to her allergies.  Poor thing has allergies just like her Momma.  I am thinking about keeping her on cortizone pills throughout the year to keep those in check, but I need to research that a little more.

With all of this excitement, I am absolutely exhausted today!  I have no energy to do anything at all.  I'm hoping I get another burst of energy tomorrow, but I have homework I need to do (and work ahead), so who knows what all will get done around here.

I hope everyone is staying warm!

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