Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Various Topics to be Considered

1.) I went to the doctor today and found out I will almost 100% be induced sometime next week.  I am excited and nervous.  I can't believe I'm about to be a Mom.  I also can't believe what I'm about to go through.  I go back on Monday to be checked again since there isn't much progress going on, and to check on my blood pressure.  He really doesn't want to induce unless I'm dilating, but if my blood pressure is to high then he will no matter what.

2.) That being said, THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO AROUND THIS HOUSE!!!!  There are so many rooms that need to be completed, and still some stuff I need to buy before my little man gets here.  I don't know how I (we?) am going to get all of this done in less than a week.  I had a master list, but now I think I need to go through my list again and get even more stuff added and completed, including quite a bit of homework.  Have I mentioned I hate homework!

3.) My husband has been working horrible hours and its really upsetting me.  I miss him so much and I feel so bad for him.  After my appointment we went and ate breakfast together at Braums, which has become our little tradition.  He is now at work.  I almost cried when he left, which I know is pathetic, but I really miss him!

4.) Thankfully I did get a pedicure yesterday so my feet and toes will be in tip-top shape for delivery.  Yes, I am shallow and was very concerned about this.  While I was there, I was told in no uncertain terms that I needed a facial since my face was so broken out.  I did not get one and my feelings are still a little hurt.

5.) I got my Site to Store order from Wal Mart yesterday, now I just have to get everything put up and in order.

6.) I also need to go through all of the baby clothes and get them organized.  I'm feeling overwhelmed by this sine he has an entire crib full of clothes.  Oh well, it must be done.  When, I'm not entirely sure.

7.) In regards to the menu for this week, it is going to have to be altered due to the fact that the hamburger meat was going to go bad yesterday so I froze it.  I was going to make 2 meals with that meat, but it was going to be complicated to figure it out due to the necessary freezing.  I'm irritated by this, so I'm not sure what we will do.  I am not a fan of frozen hambuer meat as a staple in a food, it tastes a bit odd to me.

8.) I am so incredibly tired!  I know this isn't exactly new, but I am whipped.  I've been cooking the majority of our meals and doing the cleanup, and then not getting to bed until well after 11.  Then I toss and turn due to hip pain and having to go to the restroom.  I'm thinking a nap looks good for today!

9.) The pilot light on our hot water heater went out last night.  Victor tired to relight it but couldn't get it, so me being the wonder woman I am, I ended up getting it done.  But it had apparently been off for quite some time so it never warmed up last night.  I didn't get my shower and he had to take a freezing cold shower.  I also had to rinse dishes in cold water, which doesn't work so well.  I was very frustrated as was he.

10.) Finally, I hope our roof gets fixed ASAP.  I've faxed my proposal acceptance to the company, now I'm just waiting to hear back.  Unfortunately, as most of the US is also experiencing, we are in for crappy weather.  I don't know if we are going to get it fixed before that all starts up...probably not.  Such is the life of a homeowner.

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