Monday, February 1, 2010

A Day in the Life of

It may not be interesting, but it sure is hard.  OK, maybe it isn't hard either, but when your 8 months pregnant and have been on bedrest going on 2 months now, lifting your head out of bed is a huge challenge, let alone taking care of 2 sweet but completely crazy dogs, 4 mostly wonderful cats, and the daily tasks that need to be done in ones house.  I think I may be feeling sorry for myself, but I just wrote out a chore chart and no wonder...I'm going to be doing pretty much everything around here and it seems like my husband just isn't appreciative of what I do.  Ah men, can't live with them, can sometimes live without them.

In a typical day over the course of this bedrest thing, I get out of bed sometime before 9.  I get dressed in cleaning clothes as I like to call them and turn the computer on and text my husband good morning.  I then take the dogs out to use the facilities, which is a huge task because Rocky needs to number 2 before he can eat, but sometimes he doesn't feel like doing that until I bring him back inside, pour food in his bowl, and sit down.  Anyways, I feed the dogs, water the cats, and make my smoothie for breakfast.  Then I sit down and check my email and email my Mom to let her know that I'm alive.  As you can tell, I'm not a big phone person, even to those I love.  Anywhere from 10-20 minutes later I take the dogs back out to use the facilities and I either start working on actual work, or obsessively check for emails from work to see what they need me to do.  That pretty much goes on throughout the entire day as that is how I roll.  I will take the dogs out a million more times because they can never make up their minds as to what they need to do out there.  I will also try to wash at least a load of dishes and clothes, though sometimes that just doesn't happen.  If I'm feeling extra spunky I may try to organize a particular spot in our house, though sometimes that doesn't happen either.  Occasionally I will attempt to take a nap, but only sleep for about 20 minutes.  This usually happens sometime around 2pm.  I also try not to move around a lot during the day for 2 reasons.  First, bedrest, duh!  Second, if the dogs are sleeping, well you just let those lay because Lord knows what they will want once they are awoken.  As of late, I also am making dinner so that starts happening sometime around the end of the afternoon, depending on when the rest of the family is going to be home.

You also have to throw in doctors appointments every Wednesday, possibly other days as well.  And the constant worry about my son and if he is OK and if I will be a good Mom.  Now add in a roof leak and trying to get that repaired when we don't have the money and now I'm extra stressed out.  I know I don't do a lot, but boy what I do have to do just doesn't seem easy, ever.

I wonder what life is going to be like with a newborn?  My husband is taking the week off right after he is born and my Mom is taking the next week to 2 weeks off, and then I'm on my own.  I don't know how I will manage since I've never been around children before.  I'm sure I'll figure it out, but the thought of it makes my eye twitch sometimes.

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