Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Low Fluid I hate Thee

I had my weekly checkup this did not go very well.  I now get weekly sonograms to monitor the fluid level as I have been having issues with that as of late.  It is related to the blood pressure issue, naturally.  My fluid level was down to 6.5, with 5 being the lowest it can go before they induce.  I have another appointment on Friday due to this discovery, and depending on what we find out, Weston may be here sooner than we were anticipating.  I'm depressed about this because I've tried everything I can to relax, stay hydrated, and rest.  As I've told Victor, it makes me feel like a bad Mom because my body is doing this to my son.  I really hope my fluid level goes back up and we have some more time to prepare.  I haven't packed my bag yet, nor do I have everything I need for Weston.  I don't even have things to put in the diaper bag yet, which is sad, I know.

Victor and I came home and he started back up on my nesting for me :).  We have completely rearranged 4 rooms in the house, as well as set up the majority of the nursery in the last 3 weeks.  I mainly supervise, which probably sucks big time for him since I'm bossy and hard to please.  I think he's somewhat used to this by now though.  I love the new layout of all the rooms.  I'm so smart when it comes to those things, not to blow my own horn or anything.  I think he is secretly really pleased as well, he just hates admitting it.  We are hoping to have Weston's room complete by this Sunday, but who knows if that will get done.

I just wanted to post an update.  I'm not in a very good mood right now, so other updates won't come until tomorrow or so.  I'm really in a funk, which I've been fighting for weeks and its really just gotten the best of me.

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