Sunday, January 31, 2010


I have been terribly uncomfortable the last few days, and extremely exhausted as well.  As I'm sure you can see where I'm leading to, we haven't done much the last few days.  Actually, I take that back.  My Mom busted her butt working on her room/storage yesterday after she got home from work.  I have completely cleaned out our 2 closets in our room and the bathroom is cleaned and organized...somewhat.  The dogs also got baths today.  And now my bedroom floor and actual bed are a disaster.  I found tons of sheets that I'm going to use as cleaning cloths and/or burprags, so they need to be washed.  I also found quite a few towels that need to be folded and put up.  But I tuckered out.  And so did the rest of the family.  I'm really hoping I have tons and tons of energy tomorrow to work on some stuff around the house because its driving me crazy!

On the plus side, we did get our grocery shopping done this morning.  But, someone stole some diapers out of our cart before we made it to the checkout and I didn't realize it until then and I was not about to go get some more.  I also bought a lot of items I'll need at the hospital and I worked on packing the diaper bag a bit.  I ordered some stuff off of Wal Mart a few weeks ago using the site to store option, so I'm waiting for that stuff to get in as well.  Anyways, all of this means that I have all my food for the week and I will be here posting my menu plan in a bit.  We went super simple this week as I'm exhausted and we aren't sure what the doctor is going to say on Wednesday.

Just a little update so everyone knows I'm still alive.  Alive, but uncomfortable and exhausted.

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