Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Plan

It just ocurred to me.  We have been rearranging and "organzing" all willy-nilly in this house, and while it has worked somewhat, we are down to needing a plan!  Yes, I thought it was a novel concept to for I am that smart!  I originally decided I didn't want to plan things out because that was to static for me and I wanted the freedom to do super easy things since I am on bedrest and really shouldn't be doing hard manual labor.  However, I have come to realize that maybe my plan to not plan was not so smart.  Why you ask?  Well, because I really don't know where we are at with everything.  And that my friends is a waste of time.

So sitting here reading some of my favorite organizing blogs (Org Junkie and The Lazy Organizer) it finally dawned on me that I do in fact need a plan.  Maybe a plan isn't for everyone, but as you may have guessed, I am a planner.  I really should actually get a job in some type of planning field (event, wedding, personal, etc.) as I thrive in those situations.  Anyways, I have decided I need a definite plan for EACH room in the house.  We have a lot of little things left to do in each room, and even some big things, but I won't know about them, or remember them if I don't write them down in To-Do List form because that's how I roll.

Theoretically I want everything done before Weston gets here, but I don't really see that happening.  So I need to focus on his room first.  Which is very hard for me because I don't go in there very often so I really haven't been able to assess what is needed in there.  I think once someone gets home tonight, or maybe 2 someones, I am going to go in there and look around and write down every single little thing that has to be done before a baby can inhabit the room.  Which is really kind of annoying since he won't be sleeping in there for awhile, he will be in with us, but whatever, it's the right thing to do. 

By elimination, that means OUR room has to be done next since he WILL be living in there a lot.  Our room is almost done, but there are tons of clothes that need to be hung up and the bathroom really needs to be cleaned and organized.  Then there is our extra closet which is full of bedding crap that will probably bite it, or get turned into dish towels.  I also need to get some lights for the closet.  And we need a curtain or something for the freaking ginormous window that is right by where I sleep.  I hate light when I sleep and the dogs keep ripping down our ghetto old sheet.  So yes, these things must be done.

Next up is the living room.  This one has to be done because this is where we, as a family, hang out the most.  I am sure I will have Weston chilling with me in the living room, so everything must be in its proper place and there has to be room for all his fun swings and bouncy things to keep him happy.

Next comes the new office because I will spend time here a lot once he is born as well.  Right now it has turned into a catchall because I didn't have a plan.  See how this has backfired on me quite a bit.  There is tons of crap in here, most of it from my car and from my office since they were moving right as I was put on bedrest so I thought ahead and brought all of my stuff home so no one would have to move it.  Nevermind the fact that its been out in my car since December 7th (and earlier for a lot of the stuff), its in the house now.  I want to setup an effective working system in here, doesn't that sound exciting?

Next will be the kitchen/place to eat.  This one stresses me out.  This is probably the one I am dreading the most because I know a lot of things need to be moved around.  I need an effective cooking space and effective storage and right now I have neither.  This goes along with getting our lovely dishwasher installed so we won't be using the portable one anymore.  I would like everything cleaned up and in its proper place before that happens though.  Also, does anyone need glasses.  We have enough for a family of 20, so if you need some, I know the perfect place to get them.  I wonder how things like that happen anyways?

So there, I now have a plan for a plan (HA).  I will start writing my plan tonight and who knows when it will actually go into working mode.  I guess that all depends on the results of tomorrows appointment.  But, at least I will have a plan of attack for each room and people can do things for me, or if not, then once I am back home with my son, I can work on the plan while he is sleeping and I am not awestruck by him...on second thought, everything better go well tomorrow so we can all get our butts in gear, none of us will do anything once he's here, I just know it.

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