Sunday, January 24, 2010


Can this weekend really be almost over?  We have been semi productive this weekend, with today being the best day yet!  My Mom has really been working on her room a lot today.  There is a storage room where she sleeps at and when we moved her in, we just piled tons and tons of crap in there because we didn't have time to go through everything.  Well, now is the time.  I guess I've inspired her through all of the organization I've been trying to do in the rest of the house. 

It's so refreshing when things are picked up and clutter is cleared.  It really does make you want to do more and more.  My only issue is, there isn't much I can do right now because we are doing a big room rearranging on Wednesday.  We are completely switching the living room layout and moving the dining room table into the breakfast nook, and making the dining room the office.  This really is going to be the most efficient layout for us and I am so excited to get it done!  I know Victor isn't looking forward to this task, but I'm sure he will be so happy with the outcome...even if he can't see the TV while he eats dinner now :).

My Mom and I went grocery shopping yesterday morning at Super Target, so I will be back later with my Menu Plan Monday stuff, which I am very excited about.  I'm a little nervous at all of the cooking since I tend to really crave fast food when we setup menus, but this is truly for the best.  We need to stop eating out and wasting tons of money on groceries.  We aren't branching out too much with our menu, but it will be a challenge :).

On that note, I'm going to skidaddle for now.  I'm quite tired and need to get the dining room table cleared off for dinner (that Victor is bringing home...from Wendys, last night I promise!).

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