Monday, January 18, 2010


Yes, it's me, live and all fleshy like.  Todays appointment went great!  My fluid level was back up to 10, which is great!  And, my blood pressure was 114/76 which is even greater!  I don't have to back until next Wednesday woohoo!  I'm sure my doctor would have preferred that I come in next Monday, but it is so much easier on Wednesdays since my husband is off work on that day.  Anyways, I am so thrilled and my baby boy gets to cook another week!  He was so cute on the sonogram.  He had his foot up right by his face and it was a perfect foot picture!  He also had his hands around his face.  It was his sleepy time so he was irritated that the sonogram tech kept poking at him...just like his Momma.  They didn't tell me how his weight was measuring, but I'm sure everything is going great.  He's such a trooper and I can't wait to meet him, in due time of course.

I will be back later tonight with our menu plan.  I'd like to plan it out with Victor since, you know, he eats the food too.  My Mom told us to pick the food since she can always find something to eat.  I'm going to try and be concious of her needs, but its so hard, we are a weird eating family.  But I'm really going to try and branch us out in the food department as I think that will encourage us actually eating at home as opposed to eating fast food.

Also, I'm going to be trying something new, green smoothies.  I need a lot more veggies and what better way than mixed with fruit where you can't really taste 'em :).  I'm looking for a good recipe right now, so I'll let you know.  There is a feature on a blog out there called Try it Tuesday, so maybe I'll do that tomorrow!

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