Saturday, January 16, 2010

Much Better

I just wanted to let everyone (ok, my Internet ego!) know that after my horrible venting session yesterday, I had a fabulous evening with my Mom and husband.  Sure I ate too much, and maybe didn't drink quite enough water, but I had a fabulous time with them and laughed like I haven't laughed in awhile.

My Mom brought us dinner and we all ate and enjoyed each others company.  Afterwards, my Mom and I put the stroller and carseat together.  We still have a little bit to do, but its mostly ready for Mr. Weston.  We somehow got to talking about The Longest Yard so after dinner we popped that in and had a laughing good time.  My Mom had never seen the newest version and she really enjoyed it.  I'm sure laughing helped me out, even if I didn't end up sleeping  well at night.

Just wanted to let everyone know that even though I'm still upset and worried, my family is truly awesome and I really appreciated the time I spent with them last night.

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