Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sunday's Tasks

If you read my profile, I am obsessed with To-Do Lists... I love them!!!  I may never cross things off (stupid, right?!), but I adore making them.  And many times, I get overly detailed, but that is in hopes of crossing off tons of little things that eventually add up to a big thing.  So to indulge my obsession, I'm going to have a little "feature" on this here blog detailing some sort of To-Do List.  Without further ado:
Sunday, January 10th To-Do List
  • Clean out clothes closet and get rid of all unworn clothes
  • Find container for baking products in pantry
  • Vacuum nursery
  • Get all dishes washed
  • File all miscellaneous papers
  • Assess items in closets in nursery and figure out where things are going
  • Create a weekly menu plan for this upcoming week (this includes looking for recipes and creating a shopping list)
  • Wash towels
  • Wash underclothes and whites
  • Get my car completely cleaned out, backseat and trunk
  • Create Receipts Folder
  • *Hopefully* get our office completely setup the way I want it!
Yes, this is extremely over ambitious, and I'm sure not 100% of this will get done.  This is especially so because I have to count on either my husband or my Mom to do some of this stuff as I am unable due to bedrest.  But, these things have to get done before Weston makes his appearance, so why not get them on my list now :)!

And, on a final note I am so incredibly happy the Cowboys won!  Makes me so proud to be a Texan and a Cowboys fan :).

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